Aramar Watches

ARAMAR Watch Company is a micro brand from the Netherlands, which released watches such as the Long Beach, Arctic Ocean and Sea Fury 200. Due to the fact that Aramar watches are produced in such small numbers many models became a collector's item. Aramar focuses on making watches with a vintage twist and we combine high quality with very competitive prices. Next to that, we deliver an outstanding service to our customers.

The Aramar Walrus is in stock

The Aramar Transatlantic with white dial is open for pre-order. Delivery end 2020/ beginning 2021.

The Vostok Mars Dude is designed by Aramar. This ultra rare Vostok is only made 10 times. Unique collector's item!


Eivissa is a new watch project of Aramar and only built once. Hand assembled by our master watchmaker in the Netherlands and made of the finest materials. This is a watch made purely for individuals with a sophisticated taste in watches.