About us

We like to welcome you to Aramar Watch Company. We have many years of experience in the watch industry and have a passion for beautiful watches. We have been the distributor for many watch brands in the past such as Aristo, Laco, U-Boat, Yes, Chase Durer etc.
Since 2010 we are a micro brand, making unique watches in small numbers. We aim at making watches at a very high standard at a very affordable price. Since we make watches in very small batches, many of them became highly sought after collector items. We will also make new watch series together with Laco in Germany and Grovana in Switzerland.

Our first model the Aramar Arcitc Ocean:

Aramar Lunar Sky, limited to 50 pcs:

Aramar Sea Fury 200:

Our Kickstarter project: Aramar Long Beach:


Maurice Rutten